Bridgerton’s Most Hideous S3 Dresses Actually Have a Much Deeper Meaning

Bridgerton’s Most Hideous S3 Dresses Actually Have a Much Deeper Meaning
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There’s always more to ruffles.

One of the things viewers love most about Bridgerton is the way the show doesn't stick to the historically accurate elements and allows itself to lean more into modernity for the sake of being more relatable to viewers and the story's narrative.

From the famous instrumental covers of today's most popular songs used to highlight important moments, to the costume details, there are many things that would have been completely unfamiliar to the actual Regency aristocracy, but have found new meaning in the Bridgerton universe.

Cressida Cowper’s Redemption Arc in Season 3

One of the characters whose appearance has always raised a lot of questions is Cressida Cowper, who was previously known as the show's biggest mean girl and bully, but has started to get more of a backstory this season. As her story progresses, the clothes she wears become more and more hideous.

While some people believe this is a testament to Miss Cowper's poor fashion choices, there is a deeper meaning behind what she wears to every social gathering, whether it be a ball, a music night, or a stroll in the park. She deliberately draws attention to herself, hoping that at least the puffy sleeves will make her stand out.

Not only that, but the more detailed her appearance is, the more concern there is about her family life. Although we have only seen the first 4 episodes of the show, it was pretty obvious that both she and her mother suffer from her father's abuse.

She has no choice but to marry well, and to the man she chooses, because she knows that she's practically being sold to an old man otherwise. And this plays out in her head and shoulders always being heavy (literally and figuratively) with fear of the possible future, hence all the crazy wigs and dresses with huge shoulder details.

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Her neck, almost always covered with some elaborate piece of clothing, only goes to show the lack of jewelry to put it in. Cressida and her mother's allowance is running out, and she knows the clock is ticking with each ball.

This whole tragic backstory isn't enough to excuse all the bad things she's already done, of course, but it does open up Cressida's character more and offers another angle on how the least successful women of the time had to navigate the ton. If you're interested in seeing what awaits the show's valor in part 2 of season 3, tune in to Netflix on June 13.