Can Butcher End Up Being the Final Villain in 'The Boys'?

Can Butcher End Up Being the Final Villain in 'The Boys'?
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Homelander after Homelander, huh?

Billy Butcher was once the most vocal opponent of everything superhero, but season 3 of 'The Boys ' has him on full supe mode, albeit for a good reason to finish Homelander.

This is why fans think that, instead of just slaying the dragon, Butcher might end up becoming one in the end. After all, he does not seem to be willing to give up on using temporary V, constantly seeking another reason to empty one more vial.

Moreover, it looks like people are onboard with Karl Urban 's character dying and thus getting his redemption. It's not only about Butcher getting used to superpowers, but also about the cycle of abuse that has to end somehow, and even if it means killing Butcher off for the sake of the good story, fans are all in.

"It seems really obvious to me that they're going to have Hughie kill Butcher (like in the comics), which symbolically breaks the cycle of abuse that Butcher finds himself in with his upbringing." – /HopelessUtopia015.

Homelander, in turn, is likely to be depowered in the final episode of 'The Boys', so his antagonist position will have to be filled in.

Some fans, however, are clearly willing to see Butcher going bonkers and injecting the permanent V, essentially becoming the main threat of season 5. This would make the rest of the Boys his enemies – something that might be truly heart-wrenching to watch,

"I want them all the take permanent v and butcher to spend the last season killing everyone with v including the boys and himself." – /ccodeinecobain.

For others, this would trigger unpleasant flashbacks to 'Game of Thrones ', where a certain protagonist has also gone crazy with her power and ended up being killed off as a villain. Yes, we're talking about Daenerys, even though Butcher has clearly had more build-up to madness than the Mother of Dragons.

There is not much time left to wait for how the showrunners decide Butcher's fate. 'The Boys' season 3 finale premieres this Friday on Prime Video.