Can Chris Hemsworth Appear In 'Our Flag Means Death'?

Can Chris Hemsworth Appear In 'Our Flag Means Death'?
Image credit: Legion-Media

HBO Max's hit comedy show is nearing the production of its second season, and fans are wondering if Taika Waititi might invite Hemsworth to star in it.

The New Zealand director and actor is having the best time of his life, directing films like 'Thor 4' and the secret 'Star Wars ' project, while also starring in a host of high-stakes productions, including 'Our Flag Means Death '. Waititi plays Captain Blackbeard himself, but his version is quite different from the historical figure. The comedy show, which follows the love life of a motley crew of LGBTQ+ pirates, became a worldwide phenomenon earlier this year, and a second season renewal was eagerly awaited. But could the series attract bigger stars for its next installment?

Waititi and Hemsworth chatted with Collider, promoting 'Love and Thunder', and did not fail to touch on Waititi's non-MCU endeavor, achieving a kind of satisfying banter. Waititi declared that Hemsworth should play Blackbeard's cousin Blondbeard, and that actor should already "check [his] spam mail."

"Yeah. Obviously, all these are really cool things Taika is doing on the side, and I'm like, "Oh, it's weird. I didn't get a single text, a phone call about it," Hemsworth joked in return.

Thus, it looks like Waititi and Hemsworth are really just joking rather than actually planning on collaborating. After all, the star's salary will probably be far more than the streaming network is willing to spend on his appearance. Still, fans of the series are hoping that the Australian actor will play the role of the gay pirate after all, offering some pretty interesting ideas on Twitter.

"I want Chris Hemsworth in Our flag means death season 2. And have him be called a pirate angel. No context needed. Just a random cameo," – @zanephiri_.