Christopher Nolan Could Direct a New James Bond Movie, But He Won’t — Here’s Why

Christopher Nolan Could Direct a New James Bond Movie, But He Won’t — Here’s Why
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After the big win at the last Oscars ceremony, Nolan can make any film that he wants — but he’s still very selective.


  • Christopher Nolan ’s Oppenheimer hit the jackpot at the last Oscars winning seven awards and thus making Nolan one of the most praised directors in modern cinema.
  • Despite circulating rumors that Nolan might direct a new James Bond movie, it will most likely never happen.
  • Now that Christopher Nolan is able to choose whatever project he likes, he would still opt for developing his own stories rather than receiving them from studios.

March 10 was probably one of the most memorable evenings in Christopher Nolan’s career — his recent work, historical drama Oppenheimer with star-studded cast that includes Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt, Matt Damon, Robert Downey Jr., Florence Pugh and many others, hit the jackpot by taking home seven Oscars out of 13 nominations.

The film’s success brought Nolan his first Academy Award for the Best Director securing his status of one of the most remarkable directors of the modern time. Now that he’s free to sign up for any new project that he likes, Nolan doesn’t seem to change his style of work — especially concerning participating in big franchises.

For now Hollywood has in its stock some “homeless” big projects — meaning that they haven’t found their director and most of the cast yet — and one of them is Bond 26, titled this way because it still doesn’t have an official name, but in the future it’ll be the 26th film about James Bond.

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Nonetheless, rumor has it that the production is about to start very soon, and a new James Bond chapter definitely needs some acclaimed director.

The only problem that can emerge in case this hints at Christopher Nolan is that the latter would probably never agree to do this — after proving his brilliance in autonomous developing of the stories of his own taste, Nolan is highly unlikely ready to be subdued by a major movie studio.

Despite Hollywood producers’ high hopes, the chance that Christopher Nolan would really take up another James Bond movie has always been indeed very low.

Not once has Nolan himself confessed that he’s grateful to Hollywood for letting him develop his own projects starting from scratch and all the way till their theatrical release — in this regard, even if the director suddenly decides to make a film about a famous spy, it will rather come from his own script.