Cillian Murphy Returns in His 2002 Horror’s Sequels, But Not In a Way Fans Wanted

Cillian Murphy Returns in His 2002 Horror’s Sequels, But Not In a Way Fans Wanted
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The latest news about the actor’s come-back may give some bittersweet feeling to the fans.


  • Cillian Murphy will presumably make his come-back to the movie that back in the day made him Hollywood’s biggest star, though this time his role may be much different.
  • According to insiders, the actor may appear in the second and third movies of a trilogy of sequels for his 2002’s iconic horror.
  • The trilogy’s first film has recently got Jodie Comer, Ralph Fiennes and Aaron Taylor-Johnson for so far unknown roles.

A lot has been recently said about Danny Boyle ’s upcoming series of sequels for 2002’s post-apocalyptic horror 28 Days Later, but not much has been revealed about Cillian Murphy’s role in them — until now.

The actor who initially starred in the original movie, to many fans’ biggest delight, will be back not only as an executive producer, but also as an actor. The hitch here is that now his role will be pretty much different.

According to Hollywood’s insider Jeff Sneider, Murphy won’t be returning in the first movie, but will nonetheless have a big cameo in the second one and an even bigger role in the third one.

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The news hasn’t been confirmed officially and so far neither Boyle himself nor the movies’ writer Alex Garland ( who’s probably busy coping with all the raving success of his latest movie Civil War ) have said anything about Cillian Murphy’s part as an actor.

Previously Killing Eve ’s Jodie Comer, Harry Potter ’s Ralph Fiennes and The Fall Guy ’s Aaron Taylor-Johnson have been confirmed to star in the first upcoming movie.

Bringing Oscar-winning Cillian Murphy to the story that back in the day paved his way to Hollywood could become another big win for an already promising trilogy. Since the plans for making more sequels for 28 Days Later were announced, several major studios, including Warner Bros., started a fight for acquiring the rights to produce the movies.

The first film, the production of which is supposed to start next month in London, already got three big stars under its belt and presumably possesses an impressive budget of $60 million.

Given how the stars keep aligning for the future sequels, getting the original star in the renewed cast would become an almost certain predict for the box office blast.

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