Could 'Heartstopper's Joe Lock Join the MCU as Wanda's Son, Wiccan?

Image credit: Legion-Media, Marvel

Joe Locke has already stolen a bunch of hearts in Netflix's 'Heartstopper', and his ambitions may lead him as far as the Marvel Cinematic Universe – or at least that's what fans believe in.

Actor Joe Locke who you may also know as Charlie from 'Heartstopper' has voiced a desire to play Disney's first openly gay prince on Friday, telling The Independent that it would be "a dream" for him.

Fans supported the idea, but immediately came up with even better one, recommending that Locke (and Marvel's Kevin Feige) think about the role of Wiccan from 'Young Avengers'.

Wiccan – who also happens to be a reincarnated son of Scarlet Witch, Billy Kaplan – is canonically gay, and he is also married to Hulkling. Wiccan is a powerful warlock capable of altering and manipulating reality at will.

And it looks like many people believe that Locke is a perfect fit for the role, should Marvel go for the Young Avengers project.

Moreover, Kit Connor, Locke's co-star from 'Heartstopper', could also work as Hulkling, fans continued.

However, Marvel has not yet indicated any intention to launch any kind of project that could possibly involve Wiccan and Hulkling. But sometimes the best ideas can take inspiration from online campaigns. So maybe Locke should consider a superhero bid instead of a Disney prince push.

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