Dark MCU Theory Paints a Chilling Picture of How Daredevil Experienced Thanos' Snap

Dark MCU Theory Paints a Chilling Picture of How Daredevil Experienced Thanos' Snap
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Though he comes from the grittier and darker Netflix series, the new version of Daredevil hasn't had any trouble fitting into the family-friendly, comedy-riddled Marvel Cinematic Universe.

But one theory for his upcoming Daredevil: Born Again points to a return to that darker version of the Man Without Fear.

Most of the MCU 's Phase 4 has served as a debriefing of Thanos' snap and the five-year blip. It led to the plot of Eternals, caused Wong to become Sorcerer Supreme, and turned Scarlet Witch into a vengeance-fueled supervillain.

But we have no idea how Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil, dealt with the blip.

A minor fan theory suggests that Daredevil was among those who were dusted by Thanos, considering the presence of Kingpin (Wilson Fisk) in the 2021 series Hawkeye.

Without Daredevil or other ground-level heroes to stop him, Kingpin was able to reclaim a small bit of power he'd lost in the events of Netflix 's Daredevil.

It would also explain why he's been more prone to stepping out of the shadows to help other heroes in recent MCU projects.

The author of the theory pointed out one seemingly obvious detail that makes his storyline far more haunting.

Daredevil's powers are the result of a radioactive spill that happened when he was a child, giving him heightened senses at the expense of his sight.

While his eyes don't work, he's able to use sonar with his super hearing to get a view of the world around him. He's also able to sense and hear the faintest of sounds and movements, including a human heartbeat.

Given that, the Reddit user imagined what it would be like for Daredevil to experience Thanos' snap. He wouldn't see the calamity around him, nor would he know that half of the people around him are turning to dust.

He would, however, hear the screams of the survivors. He'd hear the mass destruction of planes and cars crashing into each other.

Far more terrifying is what he wouldn't hear – he would suddenly experience the stopping of thousands of heartbeats at once. And if he was among those killed by the snap, that would be the last thing he would hear.

This fan theory is definitely in tone with Netflix's Daredevil series. While the MCU is notoriously family-friendly, they've recently delved into darker, more intense scenes in films like Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

If Marvel decides to touch on his experience during the blip, it could set up the dark and gritty version of Daredevil that fans have been craving.