Darkseid Confirmed? Game-Changing Easter Egg Found In 'Black Adam' Trailer

Image credit: Warner Bros.

The Dwayne Johnson-led film has just unveiled its first trailer, and some fans have managed to spot a very important hint hidden in it.

Johnson has been cast as DC's iconic antagonist for so long that the upcoming film is certainly considered a passion project for the superstar now. The trailer revealed many curious things, including Pierce Brosnan as Dr. Faith and the first proper look at Aldis Hodge's Hawkman, but the main villain behind all the bad stuff going on in the film has yet to be revealed. At least now, thanks to an almost unnoticeable hint hidden in the trailer, fans know who will help the mysterious bad guy in the battle against Black Adam.

In a discussion on Reddit a DC enthusiast spotted a curious emblem painted on the sci-fi looking motorcycle of one of the troopers fighting with Adam in the trailer. Upon closer inspection, this symbol was immediately linked to the Intergang, an organized group of people armed with technology supplied from the planet Apokolips, which is ruled by Darkseid himself. Needless to say, fans were thrilled with the possibility of seeing the iconic villain again after 'Zack Snyder's Justice League'.

"Gotta be Darkseid. It makes the most sense, Darkseid might be trying to reach out to Adam and use him to access the Anti-Life Equation through the Rock of Eternity or something. It would give Black Adam a hero moment since he would realize every person would be a slave like he was if Darkseid gets it," – /HarveryDent.

Nevertheless, some skeptics are certainly present, arguing that Darkseid's appearance in Black Adam is unlikely, as it would've already been spoiled.

"I'm calling it now: Intergang in this movie will just be using general "Alien tech" and not be supplied by Apokolips specifically. I'll be super happy to be wrong, but I'm not holding my breath," – /Kohlar.

Either way, Intergang's involvement in the upcoming film opens up many interesting possibilities, making sure that no DC fan will miss the premiere of 'Black Adam' on October 21, 2022.

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