DC Who? Henry Cavill Might Lead Yet Another Iconic Video Game Adaptation

DC Who? Henry Cavill Might Lead Yet Another Iconic Video Game Adaptation
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Henry Cavill is well known for his love of video games. And it looks like moviemakers are ready to use it.

Fans have not yet recovered from the news that the actor will star in the Amazon adaptation of Warhammer 40000, as it has been reported that he might star in an adaptation of another cult game, Call of Duty.

After fans learned that Henry would no longer be DC's incarnation of Superman and no longer ride Roach with a wolf amulet around his neck, the actor is moving on.

And the way he's doing it is just amazing! It seems that the actor is now getting everything he has wanted for so long.

Recently, Henry took to his Instagram to share the news that he would be starring in an adaptation of Warhammer 40000, the world's most popular miniature wargame, but he didn't stop there.

Giant Freakin Robot has reported that Cavill is in talks for the role of Captain John Price in the Call of Duty movie franchise. There has been no official confirmation of the report yet.

Amazon has not yet acquired the rights to the Call of Duty movie, but is already discussing the details of the deal. If the deal goes through, Henry Cavill could play the role of Captain John Price, one of the franchise's key characters.

The character of Captain Price appeared in the very first game in the series, which was released in 2003 and is set during the Second World War.

The fact that Captain Price appears in nine games of the franchise gives fans hope that Cavill's alleged deal with Amazon is long-term and that we'll see the actor play Price more than once.

Fans are also wondering who will be Price's main opponent in the adaptation.

Although in the first game the hero had to fight against the Nazi troops, since the 2007 game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the franchise has created a new version of John Price, operating in more modern times.

Cavill is also known for being extremely careful with the source material; it is known that during the filming of The Witcher, he even came into conflict with the creators of the series because they deviated too much from the canon.

In doing so, he has earned the respect of many fans, who are now hoping that new adaptations will not suffer the same fate as The Witcher.