Deadpool 3 Plot Gets Leaked, Connects It to Loki Season 2

Deadpool 3 Plot Gets Leaked, Connects It to Loki Season 2
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We'll see whether Hiddleston will make a cameo in the next Deadpool.


  • The God of Mischief and his gang failed to save the Sacred Timeline in the Loki series.
  • Chaos is ready to embrace the entire multiverse. So what is TVA's next move?
  • New insider leaks about Deadpool 3 suggest that TVA may be building an army of their own.

The third installment of Deadpool, starring Ryan Reynolds as the sharp-tongued and sardonic immortal mercenary Wade Wilson, is undoubtedly one of Marvel's most anticipated projects for 2024. With the entire film and television industry affected by the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, the coming year will be incredibly scarce for releases, including MCU projects, which is why Deadpool 3 will likely be the biggest superhero release of the year.

But the intrigue surrounding the film is not just because of the ongoing actors strike. Produced under the auspices of Fox, the first two installments, following Disney 's acquisition of the company and the franchise itself, are now part of the MCU. And given that the previous flick involved some time-hopping shenanigans, attention to Deadpool is growing even more. What's more, recent leaks from insiders explain the appearance of Hugh Jackman 's Wolverine and how the story will tie into the ongoing events of the Loki series.

Connection to Loki

Many of us wish Loki had remained a great standalone story that emphasized character study over global events, but alas, the MCU has its own agenda. As we know, the main villain of the series and all of Phase 5 will be Kang and his variants. An unprecedented danger looms on the horizon, threatening all universes and timelines: the Council of Kangs is poised to seize control of the entire multiverse.

The danger has never been greater than because of the cliffhanger in Episode 4 of Season 2, when Loki and co failed to save the Temporal Loom. It's unknown if any of the characters survived, but with the Sacred Timeline finally gone, the remnants of the TVA will clearly have to find ways to defend themselves against the Kang Army.

New Deadpool 3 Leaks

This is the aspect that, judging by the leaks that have surfaced regarding the upcoming Deadpool 3 storyline, will be the most important connection between the Disney and Fox universes. It's also likely to be the explanation for how Deadpool and Wolverine teamed up — TVA is building their own army of the prime variants.

'Deadpool 3 is about the TVA picking up the PRIME versions of each hero to create a multiversal army to fight the Kangs. And they picked Hugh Jackman's Wolverine to recruit but he's not fully on board. That is what the movie is about,' Marvel insider MyTimeToShineHello shared details about the movie.

This is a perfect fit for the story given the time travel events in Deadpool 2.

'To be clear, "DEADPOOL 3" is still very much a Deadpool movie. His antics with Cable's time machine caught the TVA's attention, and he became their prisoner. When Deadpool learns out about the TVA's plan for a multiversal army, it gives him the motivation to escape and try to convince Hugh Jackman's Wolverine to come with him,' another insider, CanWeGetSomeToast, wrote.

Deadpool 3: When Will It Be Released?

Time passes, the intrigue grows, and with it comes more and more information about the upcoming movie. But when will it finally be released?

As we mentioned earlier, the film's release, originally scheduled for May 3, 2024, was delayed due to the ongoing strike by SAG-AFTRA members. It was later revealed that the film is a top priority for Walt Disney Studios, and work on the project will resume sometime in early 2024 with the end of the strike.

Disney is now planning to release Deadpool 3 in November, but it's unknown if they'll make it by then. Either way, we should expect the movie at least in the second half of 2024.

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