Deadpool 3 Release Date Just Moved Earlier Despite the WGA Strike... But How?

Deadpool 3 Release Date Just Moved Earlier Despite the WGA Strike... But How?
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How’s Deadpool 3 pulling off the impossible and hitting theaters six months sooner despite the Writer’s strike undermining numerous other movies? Let’s see.

The Writer’s strike has seriously affected numerous movies and shows, and many massive projects are getting delayed, including Marvel entries (for instance, both Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars which both got delayed for one more year), but Deadpool 3 creators are seemingly not aware of that.

While everything else is jeopardized by the strike, the last Deadpool installment just got boosted somehow: it was announced that the movie will come out six months earlier than it was originally planned, on May 3, 2024.

How did they pull this off?
As always with the Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool 3’s situation is rather unique.

Unlike most other Marvel entries, Deadpool 3 actually managed to start production just before the WGA strike began.

This means that most of the strike’s restrictions came all too late and couldn’t seriously affect the movie: entering the production stage meant that Deadpool 3 already had a complete script and signed contracts.

This in itself saves the movie a whole lot of hassle other projects are currently facing under the Writer’s Guild’s new restrictions. Where others got stuck for who-knows-how-long, Deadpool 3 can just keep rolling and keep up with the schedule.

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But wasn’t there a big issue with the script for this movie, you may ask?

Sure enough, one of the WGA’s bans left the Merc with a Mouth with no mouth whatsoever: since Ryan Reynolds is both an actor and a writer in Deadpool 3, he’s forbidden from making any and all changes to the script on the fly.

This means no iconic random one-liners and quips he’s so good at — just following the script.

This appeared to be a huge problem at first since the Deadpool franchise is largely loved for Reynolds’ witty improvs, but one of the movie’s creators found a simple solution.

Since Deadpool’s face is completely covered by a mask most of the time, they will add the actor’s new one-liners in post-production. This is another example of Deadpool easily overcoming the restrictions.

So instead of having to wait for almost a year and a half, there’s less than one year of waiting left: Deadpool 3 is now bound to hit the theaters on May 3, 2024. Buckle up!