Deleted HotD Scene: So Good, It's 'An Absolute Crime' It Was Cut

Deleted HotD Scene: So Good, It's 'An Absolute Crime' It Was Cut
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Just let House of the Dragon fans into the editing booth for next season already.

During the meeting between fans and House of the Dragon co-creator Ryan Condal at GoT Convention, con attenders had a chance to check out an exclusive video from the first season that never made it into the final cut.

However, the fact that such clip even exists and was not included in the series immediately prompted anger in the fandom. According to the videos from the convention that circulate on social media, the deleted scene included a never-before heard conversation with Baela and Rhaenys when the war between Blacks and Greens became inevitable.

Baela tries to persuade Rhaenys not to run away from the war as it is "coming for all of us. We cannot hide from it."

"I am a dragonrider, like my mother, and father, and you. If the Greens reach to usurp our queen's throne, then they must be answered with fire and blood," Baela is then heard replying, causing Rhaenys to smile and admit that she "just saw my daughter for the first time in years."

Fans now believe it was an "absolute crime" not to include the scene into the final cut. It was axed mainly because the show has cable slots to adhere to, but, as fans point out, "it's not like HBO has commercials", so "they can fill downtime with whatever they want".

"They've made Rhaenys' character make absolutely no sense lol. She literally just agreed to a marriage proposal between her grandchildren and Luke and Jace. That's pretty much declaring for the blacks. The writers have no idea what to do with Rhaenys," Redditor Captainprice101 said.

The way Rhaenys remembered her own daughter and Baela's mother, Laena, made fans "tear up a bit". The scene, albeit less than a minute long, could definitely add a layer to Rhaenys' character.

Even given the HBO's need to fit in the time slots, furious fans believe that some other scenes could have been cut.

"This scene was far more important then jump cutting around and giving Rhaenyra three different scenes of her miscarriage and not Baela becoming an actual character," Redditor NovaTheRaven argued.

There is still chance for House of the Dragon showrunners to do Rhaenys and Baela justice in the upcoming second season, which is due to start filming in early 2023.

The premiere date for House of the Dragon season 2 will be announced by HBO Max later.