Devil in the Details: Small Things That Made The Rings of Power Flop So Hard

Devil in the Details: Small Things That Made The Rings of Power Flop So Hard
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The series that promised to captivate audiences with its epic storyline and larger-than-life characters unfortunately fell short of expectations.

Despite the high anticipation surrounding the release of this long-awaited show, there were several issues that ultimately led to its downfall.

One of the biggest problems with Rings of Power was the lack of character development. The heroes and villains felt shallow and had no depth.

Viewers struggled to connect with them on an emotional level, resulting in a disengaged audience that found it difficult to invest in the story.

Another major factor in the show's failure was its inconsistent pacing. The plot meandered aimlessly with no clear direction or purpose.

Fans were left confused and frustrated as the story failed to gain momentum or build suspense. Without a compelling narrative structure, The Rings of Power failed to hold the audience's attention.

Aside from these problems, however, there were small details that completely ruined the show for many fans.

Redditor Dry_Method3738 notes that some of their favorite moments in Tolkien's world involve dwarves. The fan loves the culture and history of this race, and the user is especially impressed by Khazad-dum, the great city where Gandalf fought the Balrog.

But the horrible costumes of the dwarves, combined with the cheap CGI, spoiled the atmosphere. The user pointed out that the interpretation of the series is even worse than the much-hated Erebor in Peter Jackson's The Hobbit.

Another thing that makes fans furious is Celebrimbor and the way the show's creators changed him from the legendary ring-maker to a simple blacksmith.

Other fans simply don't understand why the first three rings were forged for the elves to cure them of some obscure disease. After all, these creatures are immortal in Tolkien's lore.

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Many of the Oxford professor's admirers miss Sauron. The show's creators noted that they wanted to make the main villain of Middle-earth an anti-hero, a Tony Soprano analog.

However, audiences laughed at this and felt that The Rings of Power failed to create a single successful character. How can the Amazon Prime show compete with the legendary turn-of-the-century series?

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