Did Daemon and Rhaenyra Actually Hook Up in 'House of the Dragon' E4?

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Yep, we're there already.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'House of the Dragon' episode 4

The chemistry between King Viserys' daughter Rhaenyra Targaryen, and his brother (and her uncle) Daemon has been no secret since the very first episode of 'House of the Dragon'. However, the relationship between the two have remained quite ambiguous, even though from the moment Daemon put on his pendant on Rhaenyra's neck, we knew something was about to happen.

This "something" has clearly come closer in episode 4, when Daemon took Rhaenyra out on a date (was it a date, though? It clearly seemed like a date) under cover. The "date" led them to a brothel where Daemon kissed his niece and started undressing her. However, at some point he appeared to start doubting himself, and as Rhaenyra tried to get things going, he pushed her away and left.

Now that is a complicated relationship worthy of some kind of a high school, isn't it? Rhaenyra was not ready to just let the night go, so instead of her uncle, she went and hooked up with Sir Criston — prompting a round of applause from fans who watched the drama unfold with some popcorn.

Daemon, however, seems ready to defy King Viserys again as he demands marriage to Rhaenyra — something that Viserys is clearly not fond of. The king believes Daemon is simply seeking the Iron Throne so he unleashes his fury on Daemon (once again), and orders that Rhaenyra marry Laenor Velaryon.

Will it stop Daemon and Rhaenyra? The chances of that are highly unlikely, but fans are more than eager to watch the drama go on for six more episodes.

'House of the Dragon' is currently streaming on HBO Max. New episodes premiere every Sunday.

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