Did General Hospital Completely Forget How to… Hospital?

Did General Hospital Completely Forget How to… Hospital?
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We worry about the Port Charles residents.


  • General Hospital is an ABC soap opera that has been on the air since 1963.
  • Since the beginning, the hospital itself has been a primary setting for many of the show's characters.
  • Recently, however, fans have noticed a lack of attention to medical details on the show.

Between the daytime hit General Hospital and the primetime hit Grey's Anatomy, it's safe to say that ABC is more than comfortable in the medical drama genre. However, no matter how much viewers enjoy seeing a bunch of beautiful people in scrubs and all the emotional terms thrown at them, sometimes it's not enough to be believable.

Of course, no one is really naive enough to expect a TV production that focuses much more on the interpersonal relationships of the characters to be completely true to life in the professional aspect, but there are some lines that no show needs to cross in order not to alienate the viewer and ruin the immersion.

General Hospital seems to go out of its way to make sure its viewers never forget they're watching an absurd soap.

General Hospital Production Set Error

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In the latest episode of General Hospital, fans noticed a moment that made them burst out laughing in the middle of an otherwise tense scene. While treating Dante, who was already in critical condition, Portia didn't seem to be in the operating room at all. Chewing gum, without a mask, she took her time putting on her gloves, but forgot one critical detail.

From the actress to the director, cameraman and editors, no one noticed that she hadn't put the stethoscope in her ears. No wonder she couldn't hear a heartbeat, even if Dante had one!

Of course, the post pointing out the glaring mistake in the scene quickly made its way to the fandom section of X (formerly known as Twitter), so even those who didn't notice it on TV were able to see it on their timelines.

This is not the first time, and probably not the last time, that General Hospital has messed up the medical part. But it makes you wonder if the show is even trying to live up to its title at this point? Maybe it would have been best to get away from health care, considering that the production doesn't seem to care about it.

At least the malpractice was caught on camera for all the viewers to see. So if Dante dies, we all know who to blame and what lawsuit will be filed. That would also make for a soap-worthy drama, even if it is based on an honest mistake.

If you are interested in what awaits Dante and Portia in the future, be sure to tune in to General Hospital Monday through Friday on ABC to not miss another episode and another opportunity to laugh.