Did 'Love And Thunder' Trailer Just Hint at Thor's Death?

Image credit: Legion-Media

A new 'Thor 4' trailer has been released, and some fans believe that Chis Hemsworth's beloved Asgardian may have something sinister in store for him.

The second trailer for the upcoming Taika Waititi-directed film certainly showcases a lot to see, including long-awaited first looks at Christan Bale's Gorr and Russell Crowe's Zeus and a more detailed glimpse of Natalie Portman's Mighty Thor, but one of the more sinister clues hidden in it has gone unnoticed by most viewers.

The trailer begins with off-screen narration by Korg (Waititi) recounting Thor's story, focusing on the Asgardian's adventures on Earth and his struggle with weight-loss. Fans were quick to interpret this as a clever way to educate new viewers about the hero of the upcoming film, but they missed one of the creepiest aspects of this speech – Korg talks about Thor in the past tense, implying that the God of Thunder is no longer around.

Of course, it's pretty hard to determine when this speech will be given during the movie, but the fact that Thor might die fighting the mighty Gorr the God Butcher, has not appealed to fans. Some of them are already developing theories to explain why Korg could address the hero in the past tense.

'Thor: Love and Thunder' hits screens on July 8, 2022.

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