Did Reva Really Die In 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' Episode 5?

Did Reva Really Die In 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' Episode 5?
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Moses Ingram's Inquisitor finally reveals a huge truth about herself in a recent episode, and her one unexpected decision could cost her life.

Warning! Major spoilers ahead!

The Third Sister, or Reva as she is more widely known, has long been suspected by 'Star Wars ' fans of harboring some pretty dark secrets. Many have claimed that she was one of the Jedi younglings attacked by the stormtroopers at the beginning 'Kenobi' episode 1, and that her fierce hatred of all things Jedi came from her disappointment that Kenobi did not save her friends' lives. And, to no one's surprise, Reva confirmed these rumors in the episode 5, revealing the truth to Ewan McGregor 's character during a duel.

Kenobi managed to convince Riva to betray her master, Darth Vader, by encouraging her to backstab him. Of course, such a paltry attempt to kill the fearsome villain proved futile – Vader disarmed Reva and stabbed her in the chest with her own lightsaber. Fans loved the action scene, and were once again awed by Vader's dexterity and fighting prowess.

"It’s wild how massively outclassed she was. He probably noticed her inner conflict the second he saw her and was completely expecting her betrayal.

Then he toyed with her like it was a game. He didn’t even ignite his own saber, just held her back and then stabbed her with her own." – /SmoothLikeGravel.

But the question remains – is Reva really dead? If leaks about the 'Obi-Wan Kenobi ' finale are to be believed, no, she's not dead. Reva has yet to play her part in Luke Skywalker's future life, so the huge chest wound won't stop her from fulfilling her mission.

"I mean, it wasn’t a mortal wound for the grand inquisitor. That’s one that’s usually a mortal wound, but not guaranteed. Especially since she apparently had the same thing happen as a youngling?" – /badonkagonk.

Some fans were quite disappointed that Reva survived the fight with Darth Vader, accusing the writers of intentionally violating 'Star Wars' conventions.

"I'm kind of disappointed that wasn't a mortal wound for reva, a lightsaber through the torso appears to be about 99% fatal in star wars media," – /Vulpinox.

'Obi-Wan Kenobi' finale is slated to arrive on Disney+ on June 22.