Disney Fan Theory Links Mulan to Raya and the Last Dragon, And it Just Works

Disney Fan Theory Links Mulan to Raya and the Last Dragon, And it Just Works
Image credit: Legion-Media

What if Disney's animated movies are "connected" just like Pixar's?

Disney classic Mulan and newbie Raya and the Last Dragon both follow the stories of women who have a dragon by their side, but this is not the only thing they have in common.

According to a popular Reddit fan theory, Mulan and Raya can both take place in the same universe, and there are a lot of clues that might point to a connection between the movies that is deeper than we thought.

With all the dragons in Raya being turned into stone, the theory suggests, there could be a way they all knew each other and interacted before that; so what if Mushu and Sisu could be connected to each other as well? After all, when Sisu awakens from her slumber, she asks about another dragon; do we know which dragon she means in particular?

"Mushu and the great stone dragon are turned into stone and are dragons. Mushu has to try and wake the great stone dragon up to assist Mulan on her journey and when trying to awaken him, Mushu gives him nicknames and plays around with him," the theory author, Redditor Freddyshankerr, suggests.

Dragons in Raya had their own powers, and so did Mushu, whose power was the ability to awaken spirits. The Great Stone Dragon, meanwhile, could have had some kind of powers connected to stone.

The two universes seem way too similar to not be connected in any way, which is why fan theories continue to arrive. Raya has already been dubbed Disney's "new Mulan", even though many fans are not okay with the comparison as they call to just let female protagonists be as they are, even when they are similar to other female leads.