Disney Pushes 'Loki' For Emmys, But Can Marvel Shows Actually Win?

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It would be intriguing to watch Marvel's new shows try and surpass the triumph of 'WandaVision' that landed 23 Emmy nominations.

Disney has changed its initial plan regarding 'Loki' for Emmys, pushing it to Outstanding Drama Series instead of limited series, with the latter category set to expect 'Moon Knight' and 'Hawkeye', according to Variety.

The problem with 'Loki' in limited series was that Emmys require that any show competing in the category be "a complete, non-recurring story, and not have an ongoing storyline or main characters in subsequent seasons." And Loki, as we all know, is slated to return in the already announced season 2.

At the same time, hopes are apparently placed on 'Hawkeye' and 'Moon Knight' to sweep the limited series category, with Marvel being inspired by the success of 'WandaVision' in 2021.

But it looks like fans are divided on that. While people generally estimate 'Loki's chances at the Emmys to be quite high, they are not sure yet about 'Moon Knight', and pretty sure about 'Hawkeye', but not in an optimistic way.

Some, however, are quite skeptical about how appropriate it would be to give 'Loki' an Emmy nomination in the 'Best drama' category.

It might still be too early to make predictions about new Marvel shows' prospects at the Emmys, as the nominations will only be announced on July 12, and the ceremony itself set to take place on September 12. In order to objectively weigh the chances of either 'Loki', 'Moon Knight' or 'Hawkeye' to win, there has to be an idea about which shows they are going to be nominated against.

However, Marvel did quite well so far when it comes to Emmys: 'WandaVision' secured an impressive number of 23 nominations in 2021, having won three Emmys – in Outstanding Fantasy/Sci-Fi Costumes, Original Music and Lyrics and Production Design for a Narrative Program.

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