Does 'Star Wars' Really Need A Darth Vader Solo Series? Here's What Reddit Thinks

Does 'Star Wars' Really Need A Darth Vader Solo Series? Here's What Reddit Thinks
Image credit: Legion-Media

Hayden Christensen has finally reprised his iconic role as Darth Vader in the 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' series, and the idea of giving the villain his own solo project has resurfaced once again. But what do fans think of it?

With Disney 's 'Star Wars ' franchise currently trapped in the television department, after the unsatisfactory reception of recent films by critics and audiences alike, studio executives are ready to do whatever it takes to get the galaxy far, far away back on the right track. And it seems that with the recent string of hugely successful Disney+ series, they're heading in the right direction. Of course, the idea of making Darth Vader the main star of a project isn't new, but with the premiere of 'Obi-Wan Kenobi ' drawing large numbers of viewers, it may finally be on the verge of reality.

In a thread on Reddit fans discussed the possibility of a Vader series and came to the surprising conclusion that they really don't want one. As shocking as it may sound, fans are pretty tired of the iconic villain, arguing that the entire prequel trilogy was already essentially about Anakin Skywalker. So, what could this supposed series be about if everything has already been told before?

"Surely if there's one character in Star Wars we've seen enough of and whose story has been told it's Vader?" – /LeftLiner.

Others say that with the dozens of interesting characters created in the many 'Star Wars' books and comics, it's very strange on Disney's part to refusing to give up old ones. They can move in literally any direction, but still stick with the ancient and boring path.

"The prequels already did enough damage to the character. An entire galaxy with thousands of years of stories and y'all are like "hey can we beat a dead horse some more and ruin great characters," – /Alltoocommon.

It looks like Disney is going to have to scratch its head a bit to figure out how to make fans happy and make more money in the process.