Dumbest Lines in TV History That Will Always Make Our Eyes Roll

Dumbest Lines in TV History That Will Always Make Our Eyes Roll
Image credit: HBO

If you ever cringed while watching a TV-show, maybe it was because of these quotes.

Sometimes TV characters may say something so dumb that you can't help cringing. Let's dive into some of the most ridiculous lines in the history of TV.

NCIS: "I did"

The scene from episode 5 of season 2 is absurd on its own as a hacker "burns through the NCIS public firewall" while the protagonists try to stop him typing something randomly on the same keyboard.

The conclusion to this ridiculous scene is when the windows stop popping on the screen and they wonder who did it.

As Leroy says "I did it," we are shown that he just unplugged the monitor, which certainly wins an award for the best hacking scene.

Game of Thrones: "I know a killer when I see one"

Some Sherlock Holmes-level deduction was shown in the 6th episode of season 8, in a scene where Arya Stark says to Jon Snow "I know a killer when I see one" referring to Daenerys.

It made fans laugh as this phrase made no sense, given that Arya saw Daenerys burning thousands of people alive.

CSI NY: "GUI interface"

The writers of the show didn't think they needed an IT consultancy, so the following phrase was said by one of the characters: "I'll create a GUI interface in Visual Basic to see if we can track an IP address"

GUI stands for Graphical User Interface, so "GUI interface" is basically interface interface. Makes no sense, right? Moreover, that's not exactly how you actually track an IP address.

Riverdale: "Dropped out of fourth grade to sell drugs"

In the 2nd episode of season 3 a guy says a phrase to Archie, that became a meme among Riverdale fans: "I dropped out of fourth grade, to sell drugs, to support my grandma".

So many viewers found this phrase fun given that it sounds ridiculous and makes very little sense.

Sex and the City: "Vogue is better than food"

In one of the episodes Carrie said "When I first moved to New York and I was totally broke, sometimes I bought Vogue instead of dinner. I found it fed me more."

Fans found this quote a bit cringy, to say the least. However, Vogue included the quote to Carrie Bradshaw Life Lessons list.

Source: Vogue