Eddie Munson Might Still Be Alive, and This Stranger Things Theory Proves It

Eddie Munson Might Still Be Alive, and This Stranger Things Theory Proves It
Image credit: Netflix

Months after the premiere of Season 4, Stranger Things fans simply refuse to believe that their beloved character is dead.

Since the fourth season of Stranger Things ended on Netflix, there have been tons of fan theories trying to prove that Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn ) did not actually die in the Upside Down while fighting off demobats and protecting his friends.

But this new one is not even based on what happened in the show, but rather on how Netflix is currently presenting Stranger Things on the platform.

Recently, the streaming service added character icons for Stranger Things, and eagle-eyed Redditor CrazyQuiet4230 spotted something that might indicate we can expect more of Eddie Munson soon.

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It turns out that Joseph Quinn's character has the same color on his icon as Jamie Campbell Bower's Vecna.

"When run through a color code finder, both of their background color codes are #083B4C. Many won't know this, but it is actually intentional by the Duffer brothers to tell us that Eddie is still alive!" the fan theory reads.

While it may be too early to take the similar colors as a hint that Eddie is coming back, there has been much speculation that he somehow survived the Demobats. The most popular fan theory is that Eddie will return as a vampire named Kas, who will help defeat Vecna.

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The Duffer Brothers have insisted that Eddie is officially dead, but many fans believe that they may be playing with the emotions of the fandom. After all, Quinn's character has garnered so much fan love that the Duffers might actually reconsider and try to bring Eddie back into the show.

Season 5 will be the last for Stranger Things. While no premiere date has been set, the writers are already working on a script and we even know the title of the first episode, The Crawl.