'El Muerto': Fans Not Fond of Bad Bunny-led 'Spider-Man' Spin-Off

'El Muerto': Fans Not Fond of Bad Bunny-led 'Spider-Man' Spin-Off
Image credit: Legion-Media, Marvel

Sony and its 'Spider-Man' spin-offs are definitely something. It looks like the cinematic misfortunes of 'Morbius' have not stopped the studio from milking the universe of Spider-Man sidekicks.

Out of the blue, Sony has announced that another Spider-Man spin-off, 'El Muerto', is in early development, with Puerto-Rican reggaetón singer Bad Bunny to play the titular role.


That's how fans reacted at first, unsure if the headlines they see in their newsfeeds are not a joke. And when they realized that Sony is pretty much serious about making a spin-off about a Mexican Lucha Libre (wrestling) fighter who turns into an anti-hero named El Muerto… well, they still could not understand that choice.

Some fans thought Sony was just desperately trying to make something Spider-Man-related that would sit well with the audience.

Others – clearly more aware of El Muerto and his origin story – criticized the studio for casting a Puerto-Rican singer instead of a Mexican actor, given that the anti-hero is actually Mexican.

Aside from the 'El Muerto' movie and random and chaotic vibes it channels starting from the very announcement, Sony is readying other Spider-Man movies such as 'Madame Web ' and 'Kraven the Hunter' to hit the screens. We only have to sit back and watch whether any of these spin-offs will be able to make up for the less-than-triumphant 'Morbius ' venture in theatres.