Elliot Page’s Character To Come Out As Transgender In ‘Umbrella Academy’ Season 3

Image credit: Legion-Media

Netflix confirms that Elliot Page’s character in ‘Umbrella Academy’, previously known as a cisgender woman Vanya Hargreeves, will transition to male named Viktor.

Page, who first come out as transgender in 2020, announced the news himself, posting the new look of the character.

After actor’s coming out in December of 2020, Netflix not only verified that Page will continue to act in upcoming seasons of ‘Umbrella Academy’, but also changed all his previous credits to Elliot Page. Yet the character’s transition come as a surprise – in teaser-trailer for Season 3, released earlier this month, Page’s character was still being referred to as Vanya.

Fans are supporting Page and Netflix in their decision, noting that it was the only way to make next seasons of the show work, while others discover that character’s original name ‘Vanya’ was a really popular Russian male name all along.

‘Umbrella Academy” season 3 will arrive to Netflix on June 22, 2022.

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