Emma Watson Revealed Her Annoying Early Harry Potter Habit and It's Hilarious

Emma Watson Revealed Her Annoying Early Harry Potter Habit and It's Hilarious
Image credit: Warner Bros.

Young Emma Watson had a weird and out-of-place habit you can see in the early Harry Potter movies, and it perfectly shows the little actress’s nerdy personality.

The younger cast of Harry Potter literally grew up on the set of these movies, and their lives were largely defined by the franchise. The actors they worked with, the magical world they were part of, and even the characters they played — all that and even more affected their personalities and made them into the people they are now.

But obviously, the Golden Trio actors shared some similarities with their characters, to begin with. Sometimes, these revelations come years later, and it’s funny to see just how much the little actors had in common with Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

Emma Watson, for one, was definitely the perfect pick for Hermione Granger, and her know-it-all personality not only brilliantly fit into the movies but also led to some funny moments. In the earlier installments of the franchise, Watson had a funny but annoying habit that she shared on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Like a true Hermione, little Emma learned not only her own lines but her co-stars’, too, and was mouthing them alongside Dan and Rupert, ruining countless takes!

“I would ruin takes! Chris [Columbus] would be like, ‘Cut. Emma, you’re doing it again. You’re mouthing Dan’s lines,’ and I’d be like, ‘Oh, I’m so sorry, so sorry! Oh, I feel so bad!’ But I couldn’t help myself! I was such a loser, I really loved those books, I really wanted to do my job well, and I kind of overdid it,” Watson explained.

This little habit of hers that caused numerous retakes can still be seen in the subtlest ways throughout the first two movies from time to time, and while it must have been really frustrating for little Emma’s co-stars and director Chris Columbus, we can’t help but sympathize with the girl. She loved Harry Potter too much and she was trying her best!

So what if she learned everyone else’s lines and was mouthing them alongside Dan and Rupert? She was literally the real-life version of Hermione, and that’s adorable!

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live via YouTube