Enemies or Friends? Truth About Kieran Culkin and Pedro Pascal’s Famous Red Carpet Feud

Enemies or Friends? Truth About Kieran Culkin and Pedro Pascal’s Famous Red Carpet Feud
Image credit: Legion-Media

The actors stirred up some rivalry allegations while attending red carpets of this year's awards season.


  • Kieran Culkin and Pedro Pascal have been playing faux-feud during the whole awards season this year.
  • There are many epic moments of the actors’ “rivalry” that the cameras captured — from Kieran roasting Pedro for losing the award to Pascal promising to make out with Culkin.
  • In reality the actors are very good friends that have known each other “for years”.

The Hollywood awards season that has just been concluded by the Oscars ceremony on March 10 gave Kieran Kulkin and Pedro Pascal every opportunity to roast the public by a playful competition atmosphere — the awards committees almost literally knocked the actors together by giving them nominations of the same category at every ceremony.

And there were quite many moments where Culkin and Pascal ignited their rumored rivalry even more: Culkin accepting his Golden Globe with the phrase “Suck it, Pedro. Sorry. Mine!”, Pascal addressing his shoulder injury as the consequence of a fight with Kieran and then pleading the latter to “just be nice” in an interview at Sundance Festival, arcing it all with Pedro promising to make out with Culkin and thus to get his revenge at the SAG Awards after-party.

Though all of this was obviously just a public theatrics proved by Kieran and Pedro laughing at each other’s cruel jokes about one another. In fact, they’ve even been good friends for quite a long time — in an interview Pascal mentioned that they had met years ago at a play in which Pedro was one of the actors.

The latter even had to say the sweetest thing about his colleague who had approached Pascal after the play to compliment his acting skills — as Pedro recalls, “he doesn’t remember this at all, I remember this — and so we’ve known each other since then”.

Now that the mystery of famous “frenemies” is solved, there’s still a chance that Culkin and Pascal will come up with something jokingly scandalous again anytime soon given how much the public loved that drama.

Maybe one day we’ll even get to see them both sharing the screen — the moment that fans are most likely already waiting for.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter