Epic Fails: The 7 Worst Decisions Ever Made in the MCU, Ranked

Epic Fails: The 7 Worst Decisions Ever Made in the MCU, Ranked
Image credit: Legion-Media

Let's face it - the MCU has never been considered a playbook for writing clever scripts.

Yes, the superhero movies are fun and the cast of the franchise is certainly impressive, but the writing in these huge blockbusters has always seemed lackluster and uninspired, with only one or two jokes per movie managing to look even remotely pleasant.

Here's a list of the 7 dumbest things MCU writers (and their characters) have done:

Sometimes, in order for the story to move forward, the writers have to do something stupid, write an unbelievable cringe line, or force the character to do something out of character. Fans love it when writers do that, but it's the way modern productions work!

When Star-Lord decided to punch Thanos right before the Avengers almost stole his Infinity Gauntlet, fans around the world were completely confused - on the one hand, Star-Lord did it for the story, because it was the only way to delay Thanos' defeat, but on the other hand, what the writers made Star-Lord do really ruined his character in the eyes of the audience.

It's only natural that a lot of scenes are written right during the shooting, because the producers always want to fix or change something, but maybe the writers should at least think before making a beloved character do something stupid, and drop the story they're trying to advance if they can't come up with something clever.