Even Warner Bros.'s Big Boss Admits Severe Shortage of Harry Potter Content 

Even Warner Bros.'s Big Boss Admits Severe Shortage of Harry Potter Content 
Image credit: Warner Bros.

It’s been decades of us saying this, and now, David Zaslav saw it, too: there’s not nearly enough content for how popular the Wizarding World is, and even Warner Bros. knows it!

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is immensely vast. Sure, it doesn’t boast such mind-bogglingly deep lore as Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones — but for how popular the tiny British section that we see in books and movies is, there’s way too little content about the rest of the world. It’s almost embarrassing at this point.

With the original book series being among the biggest bestsellers in history that are translated into almost every modern language you could think of and the original movie series being the international sensation that they are, it’s pretty weird that we don’t get more. Because let’s be real here, what do we have apart from the main story?

We have an old video game series that’s long forgotten by now. We have a new video game, Hogwarts: Legacy, that’s set in the same setting, just decades prior to the main story. And then, we have the bizarre play, Cursed Child, and the Fantastic Beasts movies, both of which fans unanimously agree to never recognize at all.

Oh, and HBO Max is working on a new series that covers the very same original story once again, adding essentially nothing new to the Wizarding World.

This is hardly worthy of such a popular and universally beloved franchise, don’t you find? We’ve been saying this for a couple of decades now: Harry Potter is severely underused. Now, even the Warner Bros. boss, David Zaslav, agrees with this.

“One of the other real strengths of Warner Bros. is we talk about the great IP that Warner Bros. owns. But, for us, the challenge is that our content, our great IP — Harry Potter, DC, Lord of the Rings — that content has been underused,” Zaslav shared at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia and Technology Conference recently.

Admittedly, the Warner Bros. bosses intend to try and make more content based on the Wizarding World, and we can’t help but support this idea — especially since Zaslav also highlighted how crucial it is to not oversaturate the market with this new content and how important it is that only the best studios and creators work on it.

Source: The Wrap