Everyone's Creeped Out by Cara Delevingne at Billboard Music Awards

Image credit: Legion-Media

It felt like this girl was everywhere during the Billboard Music Awards, and in a pretty cringe way.

A certain someone drew a lot of attention to herself during Sunday's Billboard Music Awards, and at some point, fans couldn't help but wonder – why was Cara Delevingne even there?

As the night progressed, it really got creepy. When Meghan Thee Stallion was posing for cameras on the red carpet, Delevingne was there. When Meghan later joined Doja Cat in the audience, Cara was there again. There was a time when social media users started suspecting that Delevingne was just stalking the rapper.

Seriously, what is going on in this video?

Later, Delevingne appeared in the spotlight once again, lying on the floor to take a picture of Doja Cat, Fat Joe and DJ Khaled. Alright then.

People quickly got tired of Cara – who is notably not a singer – being all over the place at the music awards ceremony.

It was a question of time for Delevingne's adventures on Billboard Music Awards to be turned into a meme.

Billboard Music Awards took place on Sunday, May 15, and Meghan Thee Stallion got home safely with a Top Rap Female Artist trophy. So maybe those who were afraid of Delevingne stalking her can chill out.

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