Evil Twin? Fans Rioting Against Possible Cult Character's Return To Scream

Evil Twin? Fans Rioting Against Possible Cult Character's Return To Scream
Image credit: Legion-Media

One of the Scream franchise's most iconic characters may come back, but a warm welcome is not guaranteed.

In the wake of discussions about Sidney's possible participation in the upcoming Scream VI, fans remembered another franchise hero that some fans would like to see in new movies, Stu.

Although he was definitely killed in the first part when a TV landed on his head, fans have their own version of events.

"Another argument you could make for Stu still being alive is: He was the only Ghostface to never get a "double tap". Billy, Mickey, Mrs. Loomis, Roman, Jill, Richie and Amber all essentially were killed, came back for one final scare and was killed again. Stu only got a tv to the head…" Reddit user truckerhat_boi said.

The discussions became so heated that even the creator of the franchise got involved. In an interview with ET Online, Kevin Williamson was asked about the possibility of Stu's return.

"I mean, I would say never, but I have always been wrong when I do. There's always that twin brother theory," was his answer.

While the theory that Stu survived is quite popular, most fans agree that bringing him back would raise more questions than answers.

"I'm of the side that doesn't want Stu back even tho I loved him (and Matthew Lillard) to bits. It would make the S1 finale feel cheap to me, and open up an unnecessary Pandora's box of "ooh what other killers could still be alive??" that I just don't think the franchise needs," Reddit user strawbebb commented.

Reddit user even started a vote for and against the hero's return, with the absolute majority voting to leave Stu alone. And that seems to be the most exhaustive fan opinion on the matter.

Given the sad history of sequel makers bringing back characters from previous films just for fan service, people are hoping that the next Scream movies will focus on a new generation and entirely new stories.

And the audience will be able to find out who the new Ghostface is very soon, as Scream VI will be released on March 10th.