Fallout 5 or Original Story: Amazon's New Fallout Trailer, Explained

Fallout 5 or Original Story: Amazon's New Fallout Trailer, Explained
Image credit: Amazon Prime Video

The trailer for Amazon’s next hit looks faithful to the source material, but what exactly is the source?


  • Amazon has recently released a Fallout trailer.
  • It is not obvious whether this is an original script or the Fallout 5 plot.
  • Fans are overwhelmingly in favor of the original story.

A couple of days ago, Amazon dropped a trailer for its upcoming April release, the first Fallout live adaptation. It’s surprising they haven’t done anything like that—and we’re really hoping that Prime will do a good job. It’s Fallout, after all, a franchise that has millions of devoted fans all around the world.

The trailer had some people confused as to what they were looking at—a show they’re gonna have to do with instead of Fallout 5 or a completely original story that had nothing to do with what Bethesda developed and designed?

Let’s break down the trailer: The year is 2161. The world suffered a nuclear disaster in 2077, so the U.S. government provided the population with vaults to supposedly protect them from the consequences of the nuclear attack. The plot will follow Lucy (Ella Purnell) as she ventures out of Vault 33 into the desolated Wasteland of Los Angeles.

Vault 33 is not mentioned in the games, so the show will be about an original storyline, and they will have to try really hard to mess it up—virtually, all they have to do is respect the original lore and setting, and they’re golden. Fans already say the show is giving off strong Fallout vibes, so it’s highly likely Amazon will rake in profits and fans like nothing else.

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One thing we know for sure so far—this is NOT the Fallout 5 plot. In fact, we have official confirmation from Todd Howards himself, as Bethesda and Amazon worked closely to avoid any overlapping of the TV show with the next game in the franchise.

Howard said so in his interview with Den of Geek, “Well, there were some things where I said, ‘Don’t do this because we are going to do that in Fallout 5.’”

It's no secret that the show creators strike the right chord with Fallout fans, hoping to play the nostalgia card. Costume design, old-timey music, post-apocalypse aesthetic and likely Bethesda storytelling are the right combination for an explosive recipe that’s going to be Amazon’s Fallout.

Check it out on Amazon Prime Video come April 12. We’ll certainly be there!

Source: Den of Geek