Fan Theory Established a Surprising Connection Between Moon Knight and Punisher

Image credit: Disney+

It looks like the two mega-popular Marvel characters of recent years have something in common – and thanks to the surprising connection made by fans, they just might cross paths someday.

Marvel certainly doesn't shy away from a challenge when it comes to introducing tough, down-to-earth and emotionally traumatized characters into its series. Think of Netflix's 'The Punisher' and Disney+'s 'Moon Knight' – the well-crafted characters were instantly loved by fans, and Jon Bernthal and Oscar Isaac were quickly named some of the best actors working in their esteemed field.

Both series were pretty gritty compared to other MCU projects (although it's still unknown if Feige considers 'The Punisher' canonical) and weren't afraid to tackle serious issues. The series' eponymous characters both served in Afghanistan, earning serious mental problems that led to their violent and irrational behavior. And so fans decided to go a bit further, theorizing that Frank Castle and Mark Spector might have actually known each other from their days overseas.

The idea does seem quite plausible, and such a connection has serious dramatic possibilities. With the recent news of a possible 'Moon Knight' second season, Marvel just might succeed in pitting Spector and Castle against each other next season, finally introducing the latter into the MCU.

Perhaps Feige and Co. will try this bold creative choice, making millions of fans happy in the process.

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