Fans Angry at 'Disney' Over 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' Episodes Being Too Short

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Although Disney's latest 'Star Wars' series scored solid audience numbers, it seems at least some fans are a little unhappy with the amount of content provided to them.

4th episode of 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' just premiered, and fans were thrilled with some of the underwater action shown in it, but one thing left them quite angry – the length of the episode did not reach even the 40-minute mark. And the fans' anger is certainly justified – with only 6 episodes in the entire series, Disney should have made the most of them by shooting a large and complex series, trying to make each episode at least an hour long.

"I wish we got a 10+ hour season of Kenobi. Maybe could have fleshed more of Kenobi's character outside of sitting cutting meat in the desert for 10 years," – /thelaziest998.

Moreover: with the episode's runtime being less than 40 minutes, pretty lengthy Disney+ credits feel unjustifiably long to most of the fans.

"Is Disney so poor that they can’t afford HBO/GoT-level runtimes? Jesus, at this rate, what did they even bring Hayden in for if they aren’t going to use flashbacks, because this would have been the perfect episode for it if they didn’t have runtimes barely longer than an animated episode. Like, seriously, the first 30 minutes would be that, and then the rest would be this episode," – /Strategist40.

It's strange to see a company as huge as Disney being so stingy with money, but some fans believe that the unapologetically short running time of some episodes is a result of the studio trying to cut production costs.

"Maximum reward for minimal effort. Sad that Disney is now hampering the goodwill they've received from audiences and pulling an EA by reducing funding to their shows/movies," – /Psmaster14.

It sounds like 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' would've been much better as a two-hour movie rather than a slow-paced series, created to force 'Star-Wars' fans to renew their Disney+ subscriptions.

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