Fans Are Getting Desperate About 'Thor: Love And Thunder'

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Thor is the only Marvel superhero that received more than three solo movies. However, with just 100 days before the scheduled release of Thor 4, fans are getting nervous due to the lack of promotional material.

Marvel fans can’t wait to finally see ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ trailer, but it seems they are actually forced to wait a bit longer. Counting down days to premiere, which is scheduled for July 8 2022, people are starting to suspect they will have to count some more.

Adding fuel to the fire, rumors emerged online stating that the release date has indeed been pushed once again, with some suggesting it was rescheduled for September, and others “delaying” the film for November. There has been no official announcement, but the problem is that there has been nothing official at all regarding the upcoming Thor movie.

So, is there anything better than memes when you need to really send a message?

Every day Thor fans see ‘Love and Thunder’ trending, they get their hopes high, but then…

Is that it?! Oh no, false alarm. Still a nice fan-poster.

Among the things that are known for sure about ‘Love and Thunder’ are the director’s name (Taika Waititi), the main star’s name (Chris Hemsworth, duh), and the fact that we are going to see Natalie Portman once again.

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