Fans Are Outraged Over Marvel Studios Buying Stan Lee’s Name And Likeness

Image credit: Legion-Media

Disney's deal with Stan Lee Universe to acquire the rights to use Spider-Man creator's iconic image in its movies, series and theme parks has proven to be highly controversial among Marvel fandom.

Stan Lee passed away in 2018 at the mighty age of 95, leaving behind decades worth of comic books that repeatedly changed the entire superhero genre. Lee became an iconic presence in most MCU movies, appearing briefly in cameo roles. With his passing, fans were heartbroken that the beloved creator would not appear in future Marvel films, and it seems that Disney decided to secure that favorite fixture by making the unconventional decision to buy Lee's name and likeness for the next 20 years.

From now on, Disney will have complete freedom to use Lee's image in any product they like, even creating his digital avatars if necessary. This will undoubtedly expand Lee's influence on future generations, but fans on Reddit wonder if this deal is appropriate from a moral standpoint.

Most fans are 100 % against this deal, stating that it represents the worst example of big Hollywood studios trying to cash in on beloved late personalities.

Others argue that Lee himself would not mind, since his love of the MCU is widely known.

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