Fans Ask Why People Defend Wanda, If They Have Already Condemned This MCU Villain

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In 'Doctor Strange 2', Scarlet Witch went from being the hero to the main villain, and this creative decision did not please many MCU fans.

Elizabeth Olsen's character has always been considered one of the most beloved heroes in the entire Marvel universe, so the fact that she used her unrivaled abilities to kill innocent people in the latest Marvel movie left many fans perplexed. Most viewers were unhappy with this turn of events, accusing the film's screenwriter, Michael Waldron, of changing Wanda for the worse.

However, some fans still defended Wanda, citing that her actions were due to the fact that she was under tremendous stress from losing Vision. In a discussion on Reddit some Marvel afficionados accused those speakers of hypocrisy, given that most of the fandom previously condemned the actions of the villain Wenwu from 'Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings'.

Wenwu was Shang-Chi's father, and his villainous actions in liberating the ancient evil, which resulted in the death of many good people, were the outcome of him trying to bring his wife back from the dead. Although killing innocent people cannot be justified, his actions were at least reasonable, which cannot be said for Wanda's deeds.

However, some fans have noted that using Wenwu's character as a moral compass is problematic to say the least, given that he was an abusive parent and an immortal warlord responsible for the deaths of thousands of people over the centuries. Of course, his love for his wife and determination to resurrect her are noble, but his background is still unforgivable.

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