Fans Believe Sadie Sink Will Land an Oscar For 'The Whale'

Fans Believe Sadie Sink Will Land an Oscar For 'The Whale'
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With fans already pushing Sink for an Emmy after her breakout performance in 'Stranger Things', it looks like the big screen suits the young actress even more.

Sadie Sink has made waves at Venice Film Festival after appearing alongside Brendan Fraser to promote their new movie 'The Whale ' – a heart-wrenching story of an obese English teacher who left his family for a gay lover and now tries to win back the heart of his estranged daughter.

Sink portrays Ellie, the very daughter that Fraser's Charlie is trying to not lose. Just like the Hollywood icon, Sadie has received nothing but acclaim for her performance in the movie – and there is a buzz that she is going to land an Oscar nomination for it.

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Fans are all in for the idea. Sink has risen to popularity after portraying Max Mayfield in 'Stranger Things ' and delivering a dramatic and heartbreaking performance that sparked Emmy talks on Twitter. Now, her role in 'The Whale' might as well secure her the largest movie award nomination.

"The fact that Sadie Sink is only 20 and already predicted to be nominated for an Oscar for a movie she did at 18 blows my mind. Like no other young actor is doing it like her." – @whatisyouralibi

But fans are not the only ones who praised Sink for her performance. According to the movie's director Darren Aronofsky, the young actress managed to surprise him on set.

"To be around someone that young and that in control of their craft and that prepared and professional – I was always blown away, as, I think, was Brendan [Fraser]," Aronofsky told Vanity Fair.

Fraser, in his turn, was in awe about having "a front-row seat to watch this kid win the game ball every single day she worked".

However, a similar fan campaign for Sadie Sink to land an Emmy nomination for 'Stranger Things' did not succeed. Now that the reviews are flirting with the idea of an Oscar nomination for both Sink and Fraser, fans demand justice so that Sadie "finally gets the attention she deserves".

'The Whale' premieres in theaters on December 9, 2022.