Fans Call For Mr Freeze to Become Next Batman Villain

Image credit: Legion-Media

Wait, what do you mean Joker is not the only archenemy of Batman?

After fans got their first look at Barry Keoghan’s Joker, suggestions started to arrive that maybe it is high time for someone else to lock horns with Batman.

It’s not that Keoghan’s Joker is that bad – on the contrary, fans loved his interpretation of the iconic laugh and the fact that he actually looks like he fell into acid chemicals.

No, it seems that people are just craving diversity… but, you know, in the villain-ish sense.

Among the many anti-heroes met by Batman, fans seem to have strong feelings about Mr Freeze – the Gotham City’s cryogenic expert wronged by his own experiments.

And when people want something really bad, what do they do? They do fan-casting. So how about Mads Mikkelsen as Mr Freeze?

However, it looks like fans are actually cool with any villain except for Joker, not just Mr Freeze.

Barry Keoghan’s Joker appeared in a deleted scene that was released shortly after 'The Batman' premiered in the theaters. While it’s still unclear when and how his character will re-appear, it also remains to be seen whether he is the only villain that the masked vigilante will have to face in upcoming movies– should they be announced.

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