Fans Demand Justice for Jancy Ahead of 'Stranger Things' Season 5

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A hot take: not everyone is actually eager for Steve and Nancy to come back together.

After 'Stranger Things' season 4 has explicitly hinted at the possibility of Nancy ditching Jonathan and reuniting with Steve, there has been a massive fan campaign for it to happen. Steve Harrington seems to enjoy tremendous fan love throughout the entire show, and him getting back together with Nancy seems to be something that would make many fans happy.

Many, but not all of them, though. There are also a lot of people who feel that the Steve and Nancy reunion would be unfair to Jonathan, even though the couple has clearly been going through some things during season 4.

Still, Twitter is now seeing an online campaign demanding "justice for Jancy" – the pairing of Nancy and Jonathan. People are rallying under the slogan that "Jancy" is their "endgame", vehemently protesting against the love triangle and the mere possibility of Nancy ditching Jonathan in favor of Steve.

But how has that battle even reignited, one might ask? It's all about the season 4 leaked script that quickly went viral due to one page with the dialogue between Steve and Nancy about how Steve wants to have five or six kids.

"A moment; they lock eyes: Nancy's BASHFUL smile; chin lowered… Jonathan who?" the script particularly reads.

The "Jonathan who" part was something that sparked fans' ire to the point they propelled "Justice for #Jancy" into the Twitter trends. Many people think that this line was something that marked the end of Nancy and Jonathan – although some fans are still trying to come up with an explanation.

"JANCY ISN'T BONES! She thinks Jonathan found someone new in California and so in turn is returning to the safety that is Steve. W/o Jonathan right there w her she feels ig unstable or smth and so she goes back to a familiar comfort." – @sunnysidebyers

Jancy shippers describe the couple as one of the purest in the show, insisting they should get a beautiful happy end instead of being mired in a love triangle. However, those rooting for Steve argue that he and Nancy share more powerful chemistry and seem to have their feelings coming back in season 4.

With the writing for season 5 already underway, people will still have to wait for quite some time before the final season of 'Stranger Things' can resolve this battle – although it might as well only fuel the fire.

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