Fans Fume Over Sadie Sink Not Landing an Emmy Nomination

Fans Fume Over Sadie Sink Not Landing an Emmy Nomination
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Was she running up that hill for nothing?

'Stranger Things ' has predictably landed a handful of Emmy nominations, but not for its actors, with fans being particularly disappointed over the Academy snubbing Sadie Sink ( Max Mayfield).

Ever since the premiere of Volume 1, and 'Dear Billy' specifically, 'Stranger Things' have been rallying for Sadie Sink to land an Emmy nomination for her impeccable performance. With the premiere of Volume 2, people have got even more hyped up for Sink to be nominated. However, the Academy appeared to have a different view on that, and Sink, like the rest of the cast members, did not receive any nomination this year.

Fans were absolutely furious when they found out that Sink did not get any nod for her performance in season 4.

With the application deadline being on May 31, only Volume 1 was eligible for Emmys, but that's precisely where Sink peaked in her acting performance, fans insist.

Sadie Sink was not the only 'Stranger Things' cast member who fans hoped would land a nomination.

Despite the Academy ignoring the actors, it did nominate 'Stranger Things' for Emmys in the categories like Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup, and Outstanding Music Supervision.

One also needs to keep in mind that Volume 2, which premiered on July 1, is eligible for Emmy nominations next year, so chances are that Sadie Sink, as well as her fellow co-stars, will be nominated in 2023.