‘Encanto’ Song Got Live Performance at Oscars, But Fans Are Not Happy

Image credit: Legion-Media

‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ is a song from an animated movie ‘Encanto’ that took music charts by storm, sliding into the headphones of those who did not even see the film.

Everything about ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ is cool: the song is catchy, it is a part of a widely-popular 2021 movie, so why won’t it deserve a live performance at the Oscars stage?

There is just this little detail: it has not been nominated. Meanwhile, the ceremony cuts air time for several categories for the sake of ratings, while apparently being okay with granting the time to the song that is not on the nominee list.

Maybe that’s why fans were not fond of the announcement by the Academy Awards, even though the ceremony itself would mark the first time ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ being performed live.

Others, however, are excited to hear one of the greatest bops of 2021 live.

Still, the decision not to present all 23 categories on air raises eyebrows.

Eight categories will not be presented on air, with the ceremony organizers deciding to pre-record them. This move caused ire among both movie fans and people from the industry, with critics saying that each category has to be equally important and all nominees deserve to receive their awards on air.

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