Fans Know the Only Right Way for Marvel to Do Justice to This Fantastic Four Character

Fans Know the Only Right Way for Marvel to Do Justice to This Fantastic Four Character
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What should The Thing look like in Fantastic Four?

The Fantastic Four are finally making their debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the upcoming eponymous movie. Fans can’t wait to see Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic), Sue Storm (The Invisible Woman), Johnny Storm (Human Torch), and Ben Grimm (The Thing) back on the big screen.

Three of the team members just need awesome actors to do their thing, and even though Marvel's been taking some heat lately, they always nail their casting choices. But one of the characters, The Thing, also needs CGI magic to truly come to life.

Yes, all the team members have superpowers that require some CGI wizardry, but The Thing is a special case. He's not going to be in his human form for most of the movie. His entire body is covered in orange, rock-like skin. This rocky texture is not something that can be easily achieved with practical effects or makeup.

Ben Grimm’s transformation into The Thing grants him immense strength and a larger-than-life physique. To portray this superhuman size and strength convincingly, Marvel will need to use CGI properly. Fans on Reddit discussed how exactly Ben Grimm should look in the new movie.

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Both of the live-action versions were criticized in one way or another. The first Thing in the 2005 movie looked like a rubber suit (maybe because it actually was), and the second one, in the 2015 reboot, wasn’t really that bad, but viewers wished it had been more comic book accurate.

So what’s the right way for The Thing to appear, according to fans? Well, it should be both realistic and faithful to the source material. Some people believe that The Thing should be smaller than the Hulk but still quite large. After all, he’s gone toe-to-toe with Bruce Banner on many occasions in comic books.

Fans are convinced that he should be about 20% smaller than the Hulk. This size should make him a formidable figure but also keep him relatable. It’s essential for fans to see Ben Grimm being courageous, especially when he’s up against bigger foes.

Some fans are drawing comparisons with Smart Hulk, suggesting that The Thing should be about the same size. This size gives him the strength and presence we all love, while still allowing him to get stuff done. After all, Ben’s main struggle is with the rockiness of his skin, not his size.

Source: Reddit