Fans of This Fantasy Mystery That Blew Up Netflix Top Still Fear Cancellation

Fans of This Fantasy Mystery That Blew Up Netflix Top Still Fear Cancellation
Image credit: Netflix

Netflix past practices are killing current viewership.

Unfortunately for fans of the fantasy genre, Netflix has never been the network you can trust to keep shows in the genre going. After the huge backlash the platform received for canceling Shadow and Bone, one would think their methods would have changed, but fans of the newly released series aren't so sure.

As ironic as it is, news of Netflix's acquisition of the Dead Boy Detectives TV series from HBO Max broke the same day the cancellation of Lockwood & Co. was announced. And as much as fans of the DC characters would like to believe they won't suffer the same fate, it's hard not to draw parallels.

Is Dead Boy Detectives Renewed for Season 2?

One thing every TV fan knows about all streaming premieres is that the network will have access not only to the reviews the show gets, but also to the number of views in general. The more people who watch the show, the more likely it is to be picked up for another season. This is why many shows that people tend to hate to watch get quick renewals.

Dead Boy Detectives has done well in terms of critical acclaim. The show's first season, which premiered on April 25, 2024, has a 93% rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, with everyone praising the show's pacing, clever use of CGI and, of course, the acting of all four leads.

However, all that praise hasn't necessarily translated into ratings. At the moment, the show is second only to Baby Reindeer. But the difference in the number of views is very obvious, and fans fear that this could be a signal for the executives to cancel the show. While Baby Reindeer has 22M views, Dead Boy Detectives still stands with 3.1M.

The overwhelming fear of being on a show that could be canceled in a matter of weeks keeps many people from giving the show a chance, even though these views could just be the push it needs to get reviewed. By canceling so many young adult fantasy series, Netflix is setting up all the shows in the genre that come next for failure.

With Bridgerton premiering on May 16, it's unlikely that Dead Boy Detectives will be able to hold on top for long. However, fans are still hoping that the response the show has already received and the effort put into the social media campaign to spread awareness about the show will be noticed by Netflix.

If you want to help the cause, or just haven't had a chance to check out the fantasy mystery based on Neil Gaiman 's characters, be sure to tune in to Netflix to stream the first season of the Dead Boy Detectives.