Fans Push Lady Gaga For Oscars Following New 'Top Gun: Maverick' Soundtrack Tease

Image credit: Legion-Media

Gaga is no stranger to the Oscars: in 2019, her song 'Shallow' won the Academy Award as best original song.

Lady Gaga has announced a new song, titled 'Hold My Hand', slated to be a soundtrack for 'Top Gun: Maverick'.

She made the announcement on Wednesday via Instagram, describing the upcoming song as "the love letter to the world".

Many fans believe that the award-winning singer is eyeing another Oscar nomination.

Gaga, who has already been nominated for Oscars several times and won once, will follow the footsteps of the original 'Top Gun' soundtrack. One of the songs, Berlin's 'Take My Breath Away', won both the Golden Globe and the Academy Award as best original song.

In a now-deleted article by The Sun, her upcoming song was touted as an "epic" and "Gaga at her best", with the outlet also estimating that 'Hold my Hand' will be Oscar-worthy, and will soon hit radio stations.

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