Fans Spot Yet Another Desolation of Smaug Plot Hole (As If Hobbit Doesn't Have Enough)

Fans Spot Yet Another Desolation of Smaug Plot Hole (As If Hobbit Doesn't Have Enough)
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The Hobbit trilogy appealed to those who expected a straightforward entertainment, but most fans of Tolkien's work were not satisfied.

This is understandable, as viewers still find plot holes and inconsistencies.

It can be seen that Peter Jackson is not in love with the Middle-earth itself, but with his own interpretation of it – he presents each act of the plot in as much detail as possible. However, such attention to detail did not save the trilogy from criticism.

The addition of a completely new character to the plot was especially disliked by fans.

According to the viewers, the elf Tauriel was introduced into the plot to suddenly fall in love with a young dwarf, and the idea may not be bad, but on screen the budding feeling looks surprisingly colorless and unconvincing.

The trilogy has not been able to escape the plot holes. For example, at the end of the first movie The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, the Great Eagles rescue the group from Azog and carry them a long way.

It seems that this is salvation, at least for a short time. However, at the beginning of the next film, The Desolation of Smaug, it is revealed that Azog is once again on the group's heels.

There is no doubt that the wolf-like steeds Azog and his henchmen ride are very fast, but even at that speed they could not catch up with Gandalf, Bilbo, and the others.

The consensus among fans is that this plot twist is only done for the sake of tension and drama, at the expense of logic.

Recently, a Reddit user noticed another inconsistency that is not explained in any way on the screen. In a conversation with Bilbo, Smaug calls Thorin "Oakenshield," though he could not have known of the nickname.

Other fans have tried to find an explanation, pointing to books where Smaug flew out of the cave and was aware of what was happening outside.

However, the general consensus remained that since Smaug could not have known this information, and there was not even a hint in the movie that he could somehow find out, the most logical conclusion is that this is just a plot hole.

However, many agree that despite its flaws, The Hobbit is a surprisingly cozy trilogy that you want to watch for its magical atmosphere, and sometimes can even turn a blind eye to plot omissions.