Fans Up in Arms Over The Batman "Biggest Snub" at Oscars

Fans Up in Arms Over The Batman
Image credit: Legion-Media

Before everyone gets mad over Oscar winners, it's only natural to launch online feuds over the nominations.

With the Oscars ' shortlists revealed for 10 categories on Wednesday, the Internet was quick to start doing what it does best: complaining about them.

This year, it turns out that The Batman fans were among the people who were hoping for their favorite to secure an Oscar nomination in at least one category: Best Original Score. However, the shortlist for the category left them furious as it did not include the Robert Pattinson- led movie and its original soundtrack.

According to fans, it is nothing short of a "robbery". Pop culture influencer Matt Ramos even called it "snubbery to the highest degree" as other fans continued to rage online over how unfair the Oscars committee was to The Batman and its score.

The Batman fans, however, did face some resistance in the face of social media critics who argued that the soundtrack did not in fact deserve a nomination since it was "playing 3 notes over and over, sandwiched between a Nirvana song". Others blasted the soundtrack as "the most overrated score of the year by far"

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The Batman's score was written by composer Michael Giacchino. He is the one who composed the 2016 Marvel Studios fanfare; besides, he is behind the music for several films of the Mission: Impossible, Jurassic World, and Marvel Cinematic Universe series. The Batman score includes 29 compositions.

Starring Robert Pattinson and directed by Matt Reeves, The Batman premiered on March 4, 2022. The sequel has been greenlit, but fans might have to wait for several years for it to hit screens, with the premiere date still not set.