Fans Worried About The Good Doctor Finale: Is It Headed For a Massive Flop?

Fans Worried About The Good Doctor Finale: Is It Headed For a Massive Flop?
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Not the best way to end a 7-season hit show.

The trickiest thing in showrunning is to create a finale worth the whole time a viewer spent watching the show. Because it’s really devastating when after many years of investment in one project, going through its ups and downs, you end up watching the last episode that only gives you a “what the hell was that?” vibe.

Clearly, there are some show’s finales that left the fans disappointed, like it was with Seinfeld, for example. But at least in that case there was an argument about how deep the meaning of the ending was. But it seems that one of the recent hits, The Good Doctor, will not have even that.

It’s been known for a while now that the show was canceled and will end with the seventh season, which is currently airing on ABC. The Good Doctor premiered in 2017 and became an instant hit among the lovers of medical dramas.

But this show is more than that: at the center of the series is a mentally challenged surgeon trying to make his way in the field. Shaun Murphy suffers from autism syndrome, but it helps him to be a great doctor as he thinks out of the box to cure his patients.

The Good Doctor Finale Doesn’t Seem to Be Building Up Anything

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For 7 years now, the viewers have been following the show and now that the end is just around the corner, they were worried about the way the beloved series would end. Some fans have noticed that there's absolutely no build-up to the finale, and the stories just keep progressing.

Moreover, after a black path of unworthy storylines, the writers seem to have finally regained the audience's attention with the new stories introduced in the last seasons. Only to cut them short in the end.

“The thing that really irritates me is that the stories are getting good, just when the show is ending. If they had done these stories last season, they probably wouldn’t have been canceled,” Redditor thechadc94 said.

On top of that, there seem to be hints that one of the most important people in Shaun's life, Dr. Glassman, won't make it at the end of the show. This is devastating in the truest sense of the word, especially after having to deal with a major death earlier in the season.

The Good Doctor is available to stream on Hulu. The latest episode of season 7 will air on ABC May 22.