Florence Pugh Accidentally Confirms Sentry's MCU Debut in Thunderbolts

Florence Pugh Accidentally Confirms Sentry's MCU Debut in Thunderbolts
Image credit: Legion-Media, Marvel

In her latest Instagram video, the Thunderbolts star admittedly confirmed an insider’s words about Sentry’s debut. Makes you wonder about that Henry Cavill debut, huh?


  • Florence Pugh ’s recent video from the Thunderbolts set shows a massive vault door prop.
  • Earlier, insider Daniel Richtman shared that Sentry’s MCU debut will start with him in a high-security vault.
  • One of Henry Cavill ’s potential MCU roles is Sentry, and another insider Alex Perez recently shared that Cavill’s role will be revealed this year.

As the current stage of the MCU — the pre-reboot stage, that is — is growing ever closer to its finale, there are countless rumors and speculations about new actors and superheroes joining the roster. They should all be taken with a grain of salt, of course, but when an official star’s video borderline confirms recent scoops, you can’t just pretend that nothing big is happening.

Sentry’s MCU Debut Finally Confirmed?

A few hours ago, star Florence Pugh shared a video on her Instagram that confirmed her return to Thunderbolts as Yelena Belova. In the footage, the actress strolls around the set wearing Yelena’s armor and talks to her colleagues while trying to show as little of her surroundings as possible, but one detail didn’t go unnoticed.

Closer to the end of the video, a giant vault door prop can be seen behind Pugh. This could mean anything — but the door goes suspiciously well with famous insider Daniel Richtman’s words that Sentry, the newest addition to the MCU according to him, will be found in a high-security vault by the Thunderbolts superhero team.

Florence Pugh’s wholesome video seemingly confirms Richtman’s information — and makes us wonder whether it also confirms another insider’s words.

Will Henry Cavill Debut in the MCU as Sentry?

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Recently, Alex Perez confirmed that Henry Cavill’s MCU role will be revealed later this year. The ex-Superman ’s entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been long speculated about, and fans have mapped out several possible roles for the actor — with Sentry being one of the most popular. See where we’re going with this?

If all these threads connect in the middle, we might — might! — just see Henry Cavill make his Marvel debut in Thunderbolts. The vault behind Florence Pugh might just be the place where the much-rumored Cavill the Sentry will be revealed in the movie, and this sentence sounds much more exciting than it should, considering this is just a speculation tying two insider’s scoops and one star’s video together.

Source: Daniel Richtman via Patreon