Forget 28 Days Later, These Are the 14 Best British Horror Films of All Time

Forget 28 Days Later, These Are the 14 Best British Horror Films of All Time
Image credit: Legion-Media

Although the British film industry has a somewhat longer history than its American counterpart, it has always been overshadowed by Hollywood, to which every major British actor and director has emigrated at some point in their careers.

Obviously, British cinema deserves the right to be recognized as one of the most pioneering English-speaking film industries, especially when it comes to the horror genre, which became a trademark of Foggy Albion's cinema all the way back in the 50s.

Here are the 14 best British horror films of all time:

As you've probably noticed, most of the films on this list proved to be quite influential in the development of the horror genre as a whole, especially when it comes to gothic, zombie, and folk horror.

By working outside the confines of Hollywood, British directors were able to experiment with horror without the oversight of producers, resulting in some of the most unique and original horror.

To this day, the movies on this list still manage to scare the hell out of their audiences, no matter how old they are. Both The Devils and Saint Maude feel like essential horror films, even though they are almost 50 years apart.

Let's hope that British horror will continue to surprise us in the age of streaming and hackneyed Hollywood blockbusters!

Here's the list of all the movies mentioned here: Host (2020), Saint Maud (2019), The Haunting (1963), Kill List (2011), The Innocents (1961), Ghostwatch (1992), The Devils (1971), Repulsion (1965), 28 Days Later ( 2002), The Borderlands ( 2013), The Descent (2006), The Wicker Man (1973), Hellraiser (1987), The Ritual (2017), Shaun of the Dead (2004).