Forget 3 Body Problem, Netflix Adding 5 New Must-See TV Series in May

Forget 3 Body Problem, Netflix Adding 5 New Must-See TV Series in May
Image credit: Netflix

The coming months will bring us a whole new batch of bingeable, star-studded series to add to our lists.

A Man in Full ( 6 episodes)

Coming May 2

Jeff Daniels stars in A Man in Full as Charlie Crocker, a revered Atlanta real estate mogul who finds himself at the helm of a crumbling empire. Facing bankruptcy and under attack from those looking to capitalize on his fall from grace, Daniels must defend his legacy and his empire at all costs.

Brought to us by the same creator of Big Little Lies, Anatomy of a Scandal and Lincoln Lawyer, A Man in Full sets the bar high with expectations of suspense, layered drama and unexpected revelations. The trailer doesn't give too much away, but we do know that the series is based on the 1998 Tom Wolfe novel of the same name and will see a clash of business, politics and human desperation.

Bodkin (7 episodes)

Coming May 9

This dark yet quirky mystery takes us to the tiny Irish town of Bodkin, where true-crime podcasters Will Forte and Siobhan Cullen visit the town to report on what they believe to be a cold case. The three mysterious disappearances years earlier turn out to be far more complicated than they thought.

As their investigation uncovers a far deeper and more disturbing truth, the two realize they are in over their heads and too far in to turn back. Their journey to uncover the truth is sure to disrupt the quiet town, while forcing viewers to question their own perception of fact and fiction, all with wry humor, eccentric and memorable characters, and an ever-twisting storyline.

The 8 Show (Season 1)

Coming May 17

This exciting new K-drama that feels like a little bit of Squid Game and maybe a little bit of Saw is expected in mid-May. Played by an all-star cast, The 8 Show follows 8 penniless individuals who enter a contest in hopes of winning a substantial cash prize.

Trapped in a concrete building, forced to spend the prize money on exorbitantly priced necessities like food and electricity, and faced with dangerous challenges, it quickly becomes clear that the challenge is not just to win, but to survive.

Tires (Season 1)

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Coming May 23

After hosting Saturday Night Live, comedian Shane Gillis has taken on a new gig: co-creating, producing and starring in Netflix 's Tires.

The series follows the shy and wildly unqualified Will, who inherits his father's auto repair chain and tries to get it out of its rut. Shane plays Will's cousin and now employee, also named Shane, and easily the bane of his daily existence. Will they be able to work together? We're not sure. Will Tires be funny? We're pretty certain.

Eric (Limited Series)

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Coming May 30

Benedict Cumberbatch ( Doctor Strange, BBC Sherlock ) is a doting father and popular children's show creator whose world is turned upside down when his 9-year-old son goes missing. The series follows him on a dark personal journey as he struggles with guilt, hopelessness and anger that quickly spirals out of control.

His desperation leads him to believe that getting his son's drawing of Eric, a blue monster puppet, on television will bring him home. Set in the seductive hustle and bustle of 80's New York, Eric's 6-episode story is a wild and maddening ride brought to life by an exceptional cast.